Sunday, September 9, 2012


There are multiple injustices at my school site.  There aren't enough textbooks for every student and some teachers are making due with a classroom set of books that are meant to serve anywhere from 120-210 students.  However, the injustice I chose has to do with the desks in the classroom.  For the first three schools days, there were not enough desks.  Classroom size ranges from 40-44 students and we were short 8 desks for those three days.  The students that arrived late either had to stand for the entire two hour class or sit on the floor.

Two teachers were laid off over the summer, however this doesn't account for the lack of seats.  Budget cuts and the desire to have all the desks look the same caused "Desk-gate".  Our classroom was not the only one that was short desks, however, we were one of the last to get the desks we needed.  The students were the ones to suffer in this mess of a situation.  Those that were forced to sit on the floor had trouble seeing the board.  The only consolation is that it was in the beginning of the school year when introductions were still in progress and in-depth instruction had yet to begin.

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